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ntati▓ve Wang Shouw▓en.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Inst▓agramPlease sc▓an the QR Code to follow us on WechatU.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelos▓i said Wednesday that her chamber had "no choice but▓ to go forward" with the impeachment pro▓ceedings against ▓President Donald

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aine.U.S. House Spe▓aker Pelosi vows to continue impeachment▓ inquiry into Trum▓pU.S. Hous▓e Speaker Pelosi vows to continue impeachmen▓t inquiry int▓o Trump10-03-2019 09:11▓ BJTWASHIN▓GTON, Oct. 2 -- U▓.S. House Speake▓r Nancy Pe▓losi said Wednes▓day that her chamber had "no▓ choice but to go forward" with▓ the impeachment pr▓oceedings ag▓ainst Presid▓ent Donald Trump o▓ver his controversial interactions▓ with Ukraine."We see the actions of this Pr▓esident being an assault on the Constitu▓tion," Pelosi told a news conference."We had no choice but to go for▓ward. It's hard. We want to▓ weigh the equit▓i


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es. We want to be fair as we go forward," said▓ the Democratic▓ congresswoman, who was joined by House Inte▓lligence Committee Chairman Ada▓m Schiff.The impeachment inquiry, announced by Pelosi on Sept. 24, stemmed from a ▓whistleblower complaint alleging▓ that Trump pressured Ukrainian Pre▓sident Volod▓ymyr Zelensky during a July 25 phone call to i▓nvestigate J▓oe Biden, Dem▓ocratic presi▓dential candidate for the 2020 election, as well as issues related to alleged Russian interference in the ▓2016 elect▓ion.Schiff, Demo▓cratic House rep▓resentative repres?/p>

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坋nting Califo▓rnia, accused the White House of attempting to "s▓tonewall" the ▓ongoing investigations into the Trump-Ukraine controversy conducted by six House c▓ommittees."We ▓are concerned that ▓the White House wil▓l attempt to stonewall our ▓investigation ▓much as the▓y have stonewalle▓d other committees▓ in the past," S▓chiff said at the news conf▓erence."The Whi▓te House needs to understand that any▓ action like that, that forces▓ us to litigate or have to conside▓r litigation will be considered further evidence of obstruction of just▓ice," he added.Pelos▓

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oped t▓hat Democrats will ▓be able to work with Trump to adva▓nce legislation on lowering prescrip▓tion drug prices as well as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreemen▓t, even as the im▓peachment ▓process continues."So, when t▓he President says he can't do anything if he has th▓e threat of impeachment or the cons

ideration of impeachment, I hop▓e he doesn't mean he doesn't want▓


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to work together," Pelosi said.Trump, who has ▓been defending ▓himself throughout the proces▓s so far an▓d who appeared to be watching ▓the Pelosi-Schiff news conference, tweeted th▓at Pelosi "is incapable of wor▓king on either" of▓ the legisla▓tion she men▓tioned."It is just camouflage for t▓rying to win an election

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through impeachment." the president a▓dded.In a separate tweet, Trump said Schiff

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